Why we love Tanel Veenre Jewellery :

We adore the enchanting design principles of Tanel’s pieces - berries, seahorses make us feel whimsical and magical. The designer’s belief in fairies reminds us we are never too old to dream. A true artist, Tanel has exhibited his art all over the world.

Designer Interview

What inspired you to become a designer?
I became an artist first. And that was clear since I can remember. I entered contemporary art jewellery field successfully 15 years ago and since then have done around 200 exhibitions all around the world. And I still work intensely with my galleries in United States, Sweden, New Zealand, Holland and Belgium. But at some point art wasn’t enough – I needed to explore the facets of jewellery that are more democratic, more affordable, something my friends can joyfully wear. So I established brand Tanel Veenre Jewellery more than 3 years ago.

What’s next for your brand?
I just launched collections of rings with my soul animal winged seahorse and I am really happy with it. But strategically we are preparing to start an export and visiting fairs.

If you weren’t a designer what would you be doing?
I am from the family of musicians – so that was another organic option. But I couldn’t resist allure of visual arts ... My partner gave me a piano as present for my last birthday, so I would love to dig deeper into the world of sounds again. And I love cooking, so I see myself as a 60 years old happy man opening a small restaurant.

What drives you when things get difficult?
I have a great self balancing system, I have too many reasons to be happy. So I stand up easily. My kids, my loved ones, my art – so much to live for.

How does coming from a small country affect your work?
It helps me to take fame ironically ;)