Why we love Rūkė :

From the first glance at Rūkė, we were in love. The natural flow and earthy tones of their knits makes us want to walk through the misty fields of the countryside and explore the lush forests of unknown lands. Contemporary and modern, the soft fabrics feel great on the skin. The designer Neringa lives on a farm in a village in her native Lithuania with her husband and 5 children surrounded by her inspirations of nature - that's what makes her a true essence of the type of talent we strive for in our Baltic Collective family.

Designer Interview

If you weren’t a designer what would you be doing?
There were two things which I wanted to do in my life: fashion design and farming.  
And what's most interesting is that I am lucky enough to do both - half of my time I spend farming, because I live on a countryside farm with my husband and children.

What drives you when things get difficult?
From one side it is difficult financially but we manage because we grow our own food on our farm. On another side, when things get difficult emotionally, when we have negative thoughts, we go to our farm animals, goats and sheep who calms us emotionally.

What has been the greatest influence on your career?
My husband, because he always supports me. He has supported me during the toughest moments, when I lack confidence and belief in myself. He is always happy when I succeed, encourages me to go forward when I lack motivation, and is always by my side. 50 percent of what you see in my work belongs to him..

What do you think is most important when you are reaching for your dreams?
Most important is to BELIEVE and to go forward in any circumstance and challenge whatever/whoever would like to stop you.

What’s next for Ruke?
There is no end goal for us because fashion is without any limits and we are always inspired to create new ideas and designs. There are lots of yarn types in the world which Ruke has to try for its designs, which allows us to continuously create new shapes and forms. We also plan on creating a Menswear collection.