Why we love nOEMA Paper House:
Connecting people through paper might seem unusual during our digital age, but it’s exactly why we feel in love with nOEMA Paper House. These inspired women are passionate about quality materials and believe that a handwritten letter is the truest way to express your devotion. Being fans of making lists on paper, writing a diary and sketching inspirations we couldn’t find a better brand to be obsessed with!


Designer Interview

What inspired you to become a designer?
Aiste: Love for paper, of course. And then the connection between it & people. Does not a letter written on a piece of paper hide a million emotions of the sender as well as the one who receives it? With that in mind, we have decided to create a brand which would connect people, paper and soul. 
Zydra: We always say that nOEMA PAPER HOUSE was built to inspire people to live life with a happy attitude & create balance within it. So within our balance, beautiful friendship & huge desire to offer our ideas for people who love paper products we decided to start. We saw that we can offer the quality of the products in every detail - paper, design, idea, packaging, etc.

What are your biggest design inspirations?
Aiste: Everyday life & its details. Going to a grocery store can become your biggest design journey. You just have to open your eyes and inhale everything that surrounds you - peoples’ conversations, shop front signs, bread packaging, sounds of the street, scarf of a lady in the bus stop - I could continue endlessly.. As I always say - inspiration hides on every corner. 
Zydra: Sometimes design inspiration comes as a bolt from the blue sky but on the other hand sometimes we have days that we need to suffer from the inspiration lack. As Aiste said, naturally our design inspirations come from our environment – what we see, experience or dream. But travelling, exploring new things or visiting exhibitions are those stimulus that give us the inspiration for creating beautiful things.

What’s next for your brand?
Aiste/Zydra:. New paper adventure with a goal to expand even further. New collection and new products are the next plan for our brand. Creating new products consume a lot of time and efforts – we need to manage all design ideas, choose papers around the world, manage printing house, etc, so making a new collection is a really long process. Long term goal – It would be great one day to have our own printing house or a store.

What drives you when things get difficult?
Aiste: Friendship. We are a good team, so the fact that we have each other, makes our hard times easier.  Also -  passion for what we do, you always have to find the moment to remember why you started.  
Zydra: Well… When things getting difficult we sit down together, talk with each other how can we solve the problem and start working even harder. Sometimes a small glass of wine helps to generate better ideas of how to solve the problem. So far all these rules helped us to survive everything.

How does coming from a small country affect your work?
Aiste: In such a globalized world, I think it is difficult to say how small or big of a country we are - especially in terms of brand communication. However, I am very proud that all of our products are made in Lithuania and we can grow internationally by being able to create all of our goods in Lithuania. 
Zydra: I totally agree with you, but creating in a small country gives you some pros and cons. When you create with love and dedication, your products are different from others it is easier to become a visible brand in a small country market. On the other hand small country’s market size is the main reason that you will have to understand that you will have to try to conquer more markets and work more hard than creating in a large country.