Why we love Liisa Soolepp:
Liisa, hailing from Estonia, like other women designers in our Collective is an independent artist. She is eager to create new techniques and patterns while discovering new materials for her nordic inspired collections. Anyone who is passionate about inventing their own path is cool in our book and we are excited to share her latest classic yet unique styles.


Designer Interview

What inspired you to become a designer?
In the beginning, the motivation has been driven from a very personal need for individual and distinguishable clothing. The first seeds in that field were planted when I was a teenager and was seeking patterns from Burda magazines,  trying to sew my own wardrobe. While in  art school, I was really fascinated when I first time saw the knitting machine. It was love at the first sight and I knew that if I will design in the future I will definitely be a knitwear designer.

What are your biggest design inspirations?
So far I have been inspired from symbols of any kind, geometry, archaic patterns and so on. I like to play with patterns, styling the fragment of some given pattern, shifting the scales and repetitions, inventing  my own rhythm and mood. I also like to play with different textures. 

What’s next for your brand?
I´d like to create  more simple patterns which will reduce the numbers of cuts of the garment avoiding leftovers and making the final product more environment friendly. I’m also planning to research more the field of yarn, trying to find more non-animal options besides cotton, like bamboo, hemp and different linen blends.

What drives you when things get difficult?
The knowledge, that even the difficult times pass by.

How does coming from a small country affect your work?
I think there is a very specific and different way of seeing a world, if you are from such small country like Estonia.  A  specific sense of humor and absurd originated partly from past Soviet times when  the world wasn’t so open and global for us, and of course it has all formed our worldview.