Our Designers

Why we love Rūkė :

From the first glance at Rūkė, we were in love. The natural flow and earthy tones of their knits makes us want to walk through the misty fields of the countryside and explore the lush forests of unknown lands. Contemporary and modern, the soft fabrics feel great on the skin. The designer Neringa lives on a farm in a village in her native Lithuania with her husband and 5 children surrounded by her inspirations of nature - that's what makes her a true essence of the type of talent we strive for in our Baltic Collective family.


Why we love Apoteka:

The founder Inga quit a secure job to follow her dreams and start her collection. We adore women who reach for their goals without fear and hesitation. We are intrigued by the concept that clothes can heal a person. Inga grew up living above a pharmacy owned by her parents which inspired the name and the philosophy behind the brand. Apoteca is driven by the idea that fabrics can heal the body and wearing certain clothes can lift your spirits.                                  


Why we love Liene Linke:

Well spoken, strong sense of self, independent - all words that describe Liene. She stood out to us immediately and we had to share this Latvian designer’s story. Her designs are feminine yet confident. She knows what she wants and goes for it. That’s the type of girl power we can get behind. 




Why we love 2RU2RA:

2RU2RA means “the stupidest of stupid” in Lithuanian, however, their designs are anything but. Starting with a sketch and then transferred to fabric, the clothing is definitely out of the ordinary.  The pieces are inspired by anatomy and mechanics which makes the graphics surreal yet familiar.