Our Designers

Why we love Rūkė :

From the first glance at Rūkė, we were in love. The natural flow and earthy tones of their knits makes us want to walk through the misty fields of the countryside and explore the lush forests of unknown lands. Contemporary and modern, the soft fabrics feel great on the skin. The designer Neringa lives on a farm in a village in her native Lithuania with her husband and 5 children surrounded by her inspirations of nature - that's what makes her a true essence of the type of talent we strive for in our Baltic Collective family.

Why we love Tanel Veenre Jewellery:

We adore the enchanting design principles of Tanel’s pieces - berries, seahorses make us feel whimsical and magical. The designer’s belief in fairies reminds us we are never too old to dream. A true artist, Tanel has exhibited his art all over the world.

Why we love nOEMA PAPER HOUSE:

Connecting people through paper might seem unusual during our digital age, but it’s exactly why we feel in love with nOEMA Paper House. These inspired women are passionate about quality materials and believe that a handwritten letter is the truest way to express your devotion. Being fans of making lists on paper, writing a diary and sketching inspirations we couldn’t find a better brand to be obsessed with!