Why we love Apoteca:
The founder Inga quit a secure job to follow her dreams and start her collection. We adore women who reach for their goals without fear and hesitation. We are intrigued by the concept that clothes can heal a person. Inga grew up living above a pharmacy owned by her parents which inspired the name and the philosophy behind the brand. Apoteca is driven by the idea that fabrics can heal the body and wearing certain clothes can lift your spirits.

Designer Interview

What inspired you to become a designer?
 I had been working in the fashion business for a long time, when one day I realized that I needed the freedom to do what I have dreamt of for a while - not wait for someone to to tell me how to do it but do it my own way. I felt like I was stuck in a never ending routine that I needed to escape. To make such a decision and leave my comfort zone wasn’t easy, but I was greatly inspired by the fashion business courses at the Fashion Academy and decided to start my own label. The first thought of my own line came to me when I realized that I am not using all of my potential, I am staying in one place and needed to breath in a different type of air - try new experiences. I noticed I was being annoyed by the ones around me because I didn’t have time for myself, I needed a new environment.  When I started attending the Fashion Academy, meeting new people..I knew I can do so much more with my talents and passion. That is how Apoteca was born. I probably wouldn’t call myself a designer - I am the label creator because my work involves everything from the very beginning to the very end.

What are your biggest design inspirations?
Usually, the source of my inspirations are my surroundings, visited cities, my journeys. Everything around me, where I live, also becomes a part of my creating process. While living in Lithuania, the first collection was earthy, inspired by Lithuania’s forests with a little bit of exotic spice. There, you saw a lot of winter wool. The second collection came when I was already in San Francisco, after my travels to Asia hence the motives of tropics, various bright colors and light fabrics. While being in California I felt nostalgic and decided to incorporate the Pansy flower which is deeply rooted in the Lithuanian tradition. My latest collection was inspired by my trip to the shores of Mexico and has bright colors and lightness. I am constantly looking for ideas and I never know when inspiration will strike me.

Who is your ideal client?
Apoteca collections are created for the woman who is not afraid to be noticed, appreciates good quality and enjoys attention. We design for a woman who doesn’t wear black but adores colors. Our ideal client is not shy - she loves compliments and is confident.

What do you think is most important when you are reaching for your dreams?
Never to give up- wake up every morning and remind yourself why you started and what sparked that fire. 

What’s next for Apoteca?
We plan to never stand still. Lithuania is a small country but we have no walls, no limits. These days, even the furthest corner of the world can be reached in a day or two. We strive to win over the hearts of women all over the world and heal their bodies and souls.